How to Buy

Money's just something you throw from the back of a fucking train

Please email with the name of the piece you’re interested in securing. If it’s still available, the received-time-stamp of emails interested in this piece will determine the buyer. Payment is typically expected within two business days. We ship worldwide.

Payment is accepted through Paypal, which does not require membership. We have used Paypal since 2001.


The price of shipping is calculated based on your location, and the final packed weight/dimensions of the artwork. Shipping is paid for after the initial payment, which secures the piece.

I’ve shipped hundreds of pieces of artwork since 2001—to six continents—without incident. This includes oversized framed canvases in custom containers.

The utmost paranoia ensures that your piece will arrive professionally wrapped, padded, walled, and corner-blocked within an inch of its life. With a few extra treats inside.

We ship via FedEx, UPS, USPS Priority, USPS Express, USPS Registered Mail, and Priority Mail International based on cost-effectiveness and, when communicated, customer preference. Some additional fees may apply if a premium shipping service is requested.

Please allow one week for the packaging and shipping of your artwork. We can expedite if a special occasion is near. (Please note: Commissioned original pieces take longer, and timelines are described on our commissions page.)

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